Saturday, September 1, 2012

GOP Divided on ObamaCore | Truth in American Education

GOP Divided on ObamaCore | Truth in American Education:

GOP Divided on ObamaCore

It is so good for EdWeek to point out that yes there is dissention in the ranks.  Not all Republicans have bought into Governor Jeb Bush’s vision of education reform, as far as, national standards are concerned.
On the one hand, there’s Jeb Bush, a key Romney surrogate and the former GOP governor of Florida. He points out that a majority of GOP governors have embraced the standards. And then you’ve got Gayle Ruzeicka, president of the Utah Eagle Forum, and a delegate to the Republican National Convention.
“We call it Obama Core,” she told me in an interview on the convention floor Monday, an obvious play on “Obamacare,” GOP activists’ name for the president’s landmark health care law. “It’s been