Saturday, September 1, 2012

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Diane Ravitch's blog:

Why Did We Forget About Integration?

good discussion on NPR about an important issue that has been swept under the rug.
The combination of racial segregation and poverty is toxic.

Maybe Choosing Schools Is Like Choosing Toothpaste?

Deborah Meier writes to comment on Jeb Bush’s claim that choosing schools should be like choosing milk. Could have said cereal. There, two or three corporations own all the different brands.
Re Jeb Bush’s analogy—choosing schools is like choosing milk as you wander down the aisle.  Among the 

A New Set of Class Rules

Gary Stager is visiting a tiny nation abroad, whose name I can’t spell without peeking, and it has adopted a new Constitution.
Gary says that teachers could save a lot of time if they simply adopted the Constitution of Uzupis and used it as their class rules.

The Biggest Lie about Unions

A reader responds to someone who lambasted the unions for preventing the firing of bad teachers:
Only poor administrators can’t fire poor teachers.  There has never been a union contract anywhere, ever that didn’t allow for a competent principal to remove an incompetent tenured teacher.  And it’s even easier to just 

A Brave State School Board Member

Lottie Beebe, an elected member of the state school board in Louisiana, spoke out bravely at the last meeting.
She decried the privatization of public education.
She questioned why the state was spending nearly $1 million to bring in ill-trained TFA members even as districts are paying an additional $2,000-4,000 for each TFA recruit.
She asked why the board had hired a TFA person to be its executive director.