Saturday, December 24, 2011

Engaging Parents In School… - “Effective Communication With Parents”

Engaging Parents In School… - “Effective Communication With Parents”:

“Effective Communication With Parents”

Effective Communication With Parents is a useful article at Education World.

This Week’s “Links I Should Have Posted About, But Didn’t”

I have a huge backlog of resources that I’ve been planning to post about in this blog but, just because of time constraints, have not gotten around to doing. Instead of letting that backlog grow bigger, I regularly grab a few and list them here with a minimal description. It forces me to look through these older links, and help me organize them for my own use. I hope others will find them helpful, too. These are resources that I didn’t include in my “Best Tweets” feature because I had planned to post about them, or because I didn’t even get around to sending a tweet sharing them.

Here are This Week’s “Links I Should Have Posted About, But Didn’t”:

I’ve previously posted about “Ology,” the children’s website of the American Museum of Natural History. I’m

Photo Galleries Of The Week

Obviously, photos can be great educational tools with English Language Learners and with any students (seeThe Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons). I post about many photo galleries, also called slideshows. To do it in a little more organized way, though, I recently began this weekly feature called “Photo Galleries Of The Week.” This post is a “round-up” of online slideshows I’m adding to various “The Best…” lists:

The next four are additions to The Best Places To Learn About Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa:

Christmas Around The World is a slideshow from ABC in Australia (thanks to Ira Socol for the tip).