Saturday, November 6, 2021





TN School Funding Report Card: 1 D, 2 Fs
While Gov. Bill Lee’s Administration is off discussing potential changes to state’s funding formula for schools (the BEP), a joint report from the Southern Poverty Law Center and Education Law Center indicates there’s a lot of room for growth. It’s not just how the funds are allocated, it’s also about how much – turns out, Tennessee is near the bottom in the nation when it comes to things like fu
An Inside Look at Moms for Liberty
One brave and new political blogger takes a closer look at Moms for Liberty in Williamson County. Here’s more from “Tennessee Politics Guy.” Moms for Liberty is a (likely astroturfed) group of moms advocating for “parental rights” and “liberty”. Obviously, this is translated to ignoring a public health emergency and pretending racism is not and never was a problem in America. On a *completely* un
Coming Soon: Partisan School Board Races
The Tennessee General Assembly recently adjourned a special session to address COVID-19. Among the bills that passed? Legislation permitting partisan school board races. I mean, if there’s one thing that will help local communities better respond to the challenges COVID has placed on schools, it is most certainly more partisanship. Missing from the COVID special session was any move toward improv
Power Grab
Nate Rau in Axios highlights conversations happening at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce regarding moving Nashville from an elected to an appointed School Board. The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce is considering a push for a major change to Nashville public schools — switching from an elected school board to one where members are appointed. The chamber has had high-level talks on the topic w
Education Committee Chair May Lose Post Over Federal Indictment
Senator Brian Kelsey, who chairs the Senate’s Education Committee and who has long been a champion of using public money to fund private schools, is facing a federal indictment on allegations of campaign finance misconduct. This is not just a legal headache for Kelsey, though, it also may result in him losing the gatekeeping role he now plays as Committee chair. More on this from Chalkbeat : A Mc
A Lesson on Books from Hamilton County
Even as a cancel culture group sought to ban books from school libraries in Hamilton County, they ran into serious opposition and, well, facts. The Tennessee Holler has some key video: WATCH: “You can’t censor when it’s uncomfortable for you. THAT’S JUST LIFE. Life is uncomfortable.” @hamcoschools board member Karitsa Jones takes right-wing Rhonda Thurman to school over her efforts (with @Moms4Li
Who’s Driving the Bus?
A bus driver shortage in Nashville has reached a crisis, and bus drivers are speaking out. NewsChannel 5 has the story of a severe shortage and potentially unsafe conditions for students. Battle said they are 200 or more