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Saturday, December 19, 2020

THIS WEEK'S WILDNESS Dad Gone Wild Nobody reads it, everybody quotes it. + TENNESSEE EDUCATION REPORT

 Dad Gone Wild – Nobody reads it, everybody quotes it.

Dad Gone Wild 
Nobody reads it, everybody quotes it.

“don’t write out of what I know; I write out of what I wonder. I think most artists create art in order to explore, not to give the answers. Poetry and art are not about answers to me; they are about questions.” ― Lucille Clifton As the first semester of the year wraps up, chatter continues around student learning loss. Everybody seems to have an opinion and a willingness to voice it. Nearly ever
“Memory,’ wrote the Lebanese novelist Elias Khoury, is a process of organizing what to forget.” ― Ben Ehrenreich, The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine Today is the last day of classes for Metro Nashville Public Schools. As I sit here and craft my latest missive, I am uplifted by the sounds of my youngest’s chortles wafting through his bedroom door. His teachers are throwing a pajama
“As far as Kiva could tell, whenever selfish humans encountered a wrenching, life-altering crisis, they embarked on a journey of five distinct stages: Denial. Denial. Denial. Fucking Denial. Oh, shit everything is terrible grab what you can and run.” ― John Scalzi, The Last Emperox This past weekend, riding in 
TC Talks Learning Loss
Nashville education blogger TC Weber takes a moment to talk about all that so-called “learning loss” going on and in the process, he teaches us a lesson. Here’s some of what he has to say: Yesterday I attended the Tennesseans for Student Success & TennesseeCAN webinar . The event was previewed as an opportunity to see what the Tennessee General Assembly would be tackling this upcoming session. On
The Best in the World
Well, Gov. Bill Lee has finally done it. Tennessee is the best. Not just the best in the South. Not just the best in the United States. Tennessee is the best in the whole WORLD! Yes, you read that right. A guy who previously ran a mildly successful HVAC company has now led his state to become the BEST in the whole world at something. What is it, you might be asking. I mean, this is an education b
BREAKING: Rutherford County Schools Moving to Distance Learning
In the wake of a rapidly spreading outbreak of COVID-19, a virus that has already claimed the lives of two district teachers, Rutherford County Schools has announced that it will move to distance learning to conclude the school year. The move will take effect on Wednesday and mean the district will not meet with students in-person from Wednesday through Friday of this, the final week of the semes
Center Square reports on how Gov. Bill Lee’s Administration continues to fail our public schools. This time, the news is about how Lee’s team has failed to expend millions of dollars in CARES Act funding at a time when Tennessee teachers are literally dying from COVID. Here’s more: More than six months after receiving more than $596 million in federal COVID-19 relief for education, entities in Te
COVID Claiming Lives of Tennessee Teachers
A second Rutherford County teacher has died as a result of COVID-19. Siegel High teacher David Pickelsimer recently passed away, as noted by the Rutherford Education Association: UPDATE: The RUTHERFORD COUNTY Education Association acknowledges the passing of teacher David Picklesimer due to COVID. The second @rucoschools educator that we know of. @TheBoroHoller Our sincere condolences and hearts
General Assembly Preview
Nashville education blogger TC Weber offers some insight into what the General Assembly may be considering around education policy in 2021. Here’s some of what he has to say: First up is addressing BEP funding for 

 Dad Gone Wild – Nobody reads it, everybody quotes it.