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Saturday, December 19, 2020


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Black And Up In Arms
'Guns. They're as American as apple pie. They represent independence and self-reliance. But ... not so much if you're Black. On this episode of The Code Switch Podcast , we're getting into the complicated history of Black gun ownership and what it has to tell us about our present moment.'
Michelle Buteau, 'Survival of the Thickest'
' Comedian and actress Michelle Buteau is known for her roles in “Russian Doll,” "Always Be My Maybe," and her Netflix special, "Welcome to Buteaupia." In her book of essays, Survival of the Thickest , she brings her humor and insight to a wide range of topics, including dating, her early stand-up career, IVF, surrogacy, and chosen family.' -- All Of It
T Book Club: A Discussion on James Baldwin's 'Go Tell It on the Mountain' with novelist Ayana Mathis
'T’s Book Club consists of a series of articles and discussions dedicated to classic works of American literature. Here, our first (virtual) event, on James Baldwin ’s 1953 novel, “Go Tell It on the Mountain,” featuring the novelist Ayana Mathis — who first read the book as a teenager and has returned to it many times since — in conversation with T features director Thessaly La Force.'

DEC 17

DREAMWEAVERS: In / Conversation - Ming Smith and Arthur Jafa
'Check out episode 2 of UTA Artist Space's Dreamweavers series featuring artists Ming Smith and Arthur Jafa – in partnership with Lyft Entertainment. Arthur and Ming discuss how art can be used to address political and social issues. Directed by Sing J. Lee and Sylvia Zakhary .'
Negro Leagues are Elevated to Major League Status. What Does it Mean for Baseball?
'From 1920 to 1948, Black baseball players barred from the Major Leagues could only play in what were called Negro Leagues. As a result many of their accomplishments have been forgotten. But on Wednesday, Commissioner Rob Manfred said Major League Baseball was elevating seven Negro Leagues to Major League status. PBS NewsHour's John Yang spoke to ESPN's Howard Bryant to discuss.'
Robert Glasper Experiment - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Tribute to Roy Ayers ft. Bilal)
" Ranked at the top of the charts of the most sampled jazz and soul musicians, Roy Ayers has inspired several generations of musicians, including Robert Glasper , who has made the art of covers a specialty with both volumes of his Black Radio project. With his Robert Glasper Experiment , a band with a strong connection between jazz and hip hop, he takes on the grand repertoire of the king of vibe
Stakes Been High: Mychal Denzel Smith on Life After the American Dream | Review by Mark Anthony Neal
Stakes Been High: Mychal Denzel Smith on Life After the American Dream Review by Mark Anthony Neal | @NewBlackMan | NewBlackMan (in Exile) When the group De La Soul released Stakes is High in 1996, it was the culmination, and thus the final break, with any claim they held to being stars. The trio was always ambivalent about their place in Hip-Hop’s hierarchy of fame – proclaiming six years earlie

DEC 16

Underground, Monroe, and the Mamalogues: Three Plays -- Playwright Lisa B. Thompson in Conversation with Imani Perry
'Dr. Lisa B. Thompson , award-winning playwright and Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin in conversation with Dr. Imani Perry , Hughes-Rogers Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University. They will discuss Thompson's newly published book, Underground, Monroe and The Mamalogues: Three Plays .'
Ming Smith on 'Working Together: Louis Draper and the Kamoinge Workshop'
'Inspired by the archive of Richmond native Louis Draper , Virginia Museum of Fine Arts has organized an unprecedented exhibition that chronicles the first twenty years of the Kamoinge Workshop, a group of African American photographers he helped to found in 1963. More than 180 photographs by fifteen of the early members—Anthony Barboza, Adger Cowans, Danny Dawson, Roy DeCarava, Louis Draper, Al
Left of Black S11 · E8 | Dr. Shana L. Redmond on the Life and Impact of Paul Robeson
Who was the first Black movie icon? Many would argue in favor of the unparalleled and unmatched Paul Robeson . Known for his immense presence on the silver screen and his baritone singing voice, Robeson also shook up the status quo of his day as political activist for Civil Rights drawing praise and scrutiny on the world stage. Dr. Shana L. Redmond , Professor of Musicology and African American S
DREAMWEAVERS: In / Conversation - Carrie Mae Weems and Terence Nance
'Episode 3 of UTA Artist Space's Dreamweavers series featuring artist Carrie Mae Weems and Random Acts of Flyness creator and Space Jam 2 director Terence Nance – in partnership with Lyft Entertainment. Weems and Nance cover everything from establishing identity and community through art to the role gender has played in Weems' career.'
Showcase: In Conversation with Chris Obehi
' Chris Obehi is a 22-year-old guy from Nigeria, who is known for playing his guitar on the streets of Palermo while singing in Sicilian. For many Italians, it is quite the story. Here's that story in his own words.' -- Showcase

DEC 15

Ijeoma Oluo on 'Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America'
'In her new book, Mediocre : The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America , Ijeoma Oluo , author of the best seller So You Want to Talk About Race , looks at how White men in America have preserved their power for generations -- and the consequences that's had for all of us. She argues that overlooking white male mediocrity has helped devalue college education, promoted leadership styles that have
As More States Legalize Marijuana, People with Past Convictions Rarely Profit
'Today, Ingrid Archie works as a legal clinic coordinator with A New Way of Life, a Los Angeles nonprofit supporting formerly incarcerated women. But for more than seven years, she struggled to find work following a 2004 conviction for possession with intent to sell marijuana. A New Way of Life was one of the organizations that helped Archie after she served 17 months in prison following her conv
'Tom Seaver: A Terrific Life'
'In September of 2020, Hall of Fame pitcher and "Miracle Met" Tom Seaver died at the age of 75 due to complications of Lewy body dementia and Covid-19. All Of It takes a look back at the life of the legendary New York athlete with Bill Madden , former national baseball columnist for the New York Daily News and the author of the new book, Tom Seaver: A Terrific Life .'
KEM: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
'Recorded in his hometown of Detroit, KEM 's Tiny Desk performance is light, welcoming and beautifully decorated. So is his music. After almost 20 years of recording R&B hits like "I Can't Stop Loving You" and "Love Calls," he still comforts my soul with his sultry voice and simple, yet satisfying melodies.'
Black Teenagers With Mental Health Issues May Be Reluctant To Seek Help
'The CDC reports suicide rates went down in 2019. But one group has been having an especially hard time: young Black people; Experts aren't sure why.' -- Morning Edition

DEC 14

“You’re Minor, We’re Major”: Halfway Books Reimagines Hip-Hop Journalism by Tyler Bunzey
| @t_bunzey | NewBlackMan (in Exile) From ’71 ‘til, hip-hop has tried to ignore conventional ways of making art and getting money in the music industry. Sure, some artists may say “ fuck the Grammys” in one breath and laud Kendrick Lamar’s Pulitzer in the next (a well-established tradition that dates back to the Golden Age ). An equally established tradition, however, has artists ducking the ind
Breaking Into the Marijuana Business is An Uphill Battle for People of Color
'The legal cannabis industry is growing, well, like a weed. As more and more states have taken steps to legalize marijuana, the industry has shown no signs of slowing down. According to the Marijuana Business Factbook, the projected economic impact is expected to reach $77 billion by 2022 . But, to be perfectly blunt, that doesn’t mean everyone is benefitting from the industry’s record highs. Bla
Director Kamilah Forbes Discusses the Making of 'Between the World and Me'
'Based on the 2018 adaptation and staging of the book at the Apollo Theater, the HBO Special of Ta-Nehisi Coates ’ Between the World and Me combines elements of the Apollo’s production, including powerful readings from Coates’ book, and incorporates documentary footage from the actors’ home life, archival footage, and animation. Director Kamilah Forbes joins All Of It to walk us through the proje
Producer and Jazz drummer Karriem Riggins Talks Jahari Massamba Unit
'Producer and jazz drummer Karriem Riggins joins All Of It to discuss working with longtime collaborator Madlib as Jahari Massamba Unit and their first full-length album together titled, Pardon My French . He also discusses producing Common’s album, Beautiful Revolution Pt. 1 , and his future plan.'
Kiese Laymon: How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America
'Eric, Kate, and Medaya talk with Kiese Laymon about the struggle to buy his work back from the original publisher in order to revise and republish them, an experience that highlights the imbalance of power in the industry and the commodification of a writer’s work.' -- LA Review of Books LA Review of Books ·

DEC 13

Diary of a Song: How Prince Wrote a Political Anthem That’s Still Relevant Today
'Breaking down the 1987 track, “Sign o’ the Times,” that’s still powerfully resonant today, Prince ’s closest collaborators, including the recording engineer Susan Rogers , his co-writer and romantic partner Susannah Melvoin and the bassist Levi Seacer Jr ., offer an exclusive look into his songwriting.'
Zanele Muholi: In Conversation with Lady Phyll
Zanele Muholi, Ordeal 2003. Tate. © Zanele Muholi 'A conversation between Zanele Muholi and Lady Phyll of UK Black Pride . Together, they discuss what difficult love looks like for QTIPOC communities in South Africa and Britain and the importance of chosen families. This talk forms a part of From a Place of Love, a collaboration between Tate Exchange's Love programme and UK Black Pride, whose the
Understanding Bomba: Puerto Rican Music of Resistance
'Bomba is an ancient genre of resistance from Puerto Rico created by enslaved people on the island over 400 years ago. Recently, bomba music has been a staple of Black Lives Matter protests calling back to its roots as a music of resilience. Together, hosts Linda Diaz and LA Buckner break down the musical and cultural elements that make bomba, bomba. Ivelisse Diaz of Bomba con Buya teaches Linda
Devon Gilfillian live at Paste Studio on the Road: Nashville
'Devon Gilfillian live at Paste Magazine Studio on the Road: Nashville presented by Paste and Instrumenthead Live'
Code Switch: Is It Time To Say R.I.P. to P.O.C.?
'Suffice it to say, we use the term "POC" a lot on Code Switch . But even terms created with the best of intentions can morph in meaning. We asked academics, writers and our listeners some big questions: What do we mean when we say "people of color"? Why do some of us identify with that term? Why does it annoy so many other people? Is it time to say R.I.P. to POC? And, if so, is BIPOC the new kid
Denzel Washington on Bringing 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' to the Screen
' The story of Ma Rainey's Black Bottom , about a 1920s blues singer's difficult recording session, is one of talent marred by tragedy. But the film adaptation of August Wilson's play is also one of those occasions when the story behind the scenes is just as compelling – and equally tragic. CBS Sunday Mornin g correspondent Tracy Smith talked with Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis , Oscar-winner
Chloe x Halle: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
'Powerful sister duo Chloe x Halle went all out on this one. Flanked by personal memorabilia supplied by their mother, the Bailey sisters did their best to make this studio performance really feel like a home concert. As they volley off each other, swapping lead and harmonies, it's amazing to watch how years of practice and innate genetic chemistry have them synced tighter than a SMPTE timecode.
Captured By The Game: Nipsey Hussle
'After LA rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered in 2019, city officials praised him for his community advocacy. But NPR has learned that behind the scenes, some law enforcement officers branded Nipsey as a gang member, and that label meant another man from Nipsey's neighborhood would be sent 

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