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Memorial Day 2017 Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all

Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

Memorial Day 2017 Diane Ravitch's blog 
A site to discuss better education for all

Edgar A. Guest: How the Race and the Battles Are Won

Retired teacher Frank Breslin shared with me this poem by Edgar A. Guest. It seems appropriate from this time, when the people at the top seem to be intent on obliterating all progress made in the past 60 years towards a more just 

Oklahoma: Budget Cuts Devastate Schools

The Republican legislators in Oklahoma have decided that cutting taxes is more important than education. They are sacrificing their children and the future of the state.

A Writer Checks Out Betsy DeVos’ Quack Brain Training Center

When Betsy DeVos became Secretary, she left the board of Neurocore but did not give up her multimillion dollar financial investment. Ulrich Boseris, a journalist, signed up for Neurocore services in Palm Beach, Florida. He describes what happened to him, then concludes: SO WHAT DOES IT SAY
Americans Pay $38 to Collect $1 of Student Debt

Bloomberg News reported the astronomical amount spent to collect student debt for higher education. This is nuts.

Nancy E. Bailey: How Florida Developed Its Voucher Plan for Students with Disabilities

Nancy E. Bailey was there at the beginning, when Florida first embarked on a voucher program for students with disabilities. Now that program is recognized as the Official Camel’s Nose Under the Tent, the entry program that in many other states is followed by vouchers for foster children, vouchers for military children, vouchers for low-income children, then vouchers for everyone. Florida has not
History Lesson: Public Education Was Created by a Unique Collaboration Among Federal, State, and Local Governments

I earned my Ph.D. in the history of American education from Columbia University in 1975. It is a fascinating field of study, because the early history continues to be relevant to contemporary debates. At present, the nation is led by people who disparage public schools. They know nothing of the struggles to establish public schools that are open to all, supported by taxes, and tuition-free. I was
Bruce Baker: The Charter School Company Store

Bruce Baker writes here about the ingenious ways that charter schools extract money from their staff. The Gulen schools do it directly; Baker discovered that certain “no excuses” schools do it by requiring their teachers to enroll in the Relay “Graduate School of Education.”


Poet on “The Stories Data Never Tell”

Responding to a post of the same name by Larry Lee of Alabama, SomeDam Poet writes: “The stories that data never tell” The stories that data never tell Are known to the teachers very well The pride in art The joy of song A brand new start In something long The growth that’s gauged By smiles and laughs And not encaged By tests and graphs
California: Deal Struck in Legislature to Reform Charters’ Enrollment and Discipline Policies

Kyle Stokes of public radio station KPCC reports that a deal has been struck between the California Teachers Association and the California Charter Schools Association to allow rights for charter school students. “Parents who believe their child is being “counseled out” of a charter school in California
Tom Ultican’s Sharp Critique of What Went Wrong and How to Make Things Right

Tom Ultican became a teacher of math and physics in San Diego after a career in Silicon Valley. He is retiring. He loves teaching. He describes with precision the people who imposed bad ideas on the schools and messed them up. Maybe they meant well but their lack of knowledge or experience in the classroom led to naive and foolish and failed interventions, like Common Core and “turnaround,” with
How the Richest County in California Got Its New Charter School

Marin County in California is the wealthiest in the state. The seemingly idyllic Ross Vallley is now torn between two factions of parents: one supporting the traditional public schools (organized as STAND with Ross Valley schools), the other determined to break away and have their own charter school, RVC, or Ross Valley charter school. Bill Raden, writing at Capitol & Main, writes: “California’s
DeVos Hires Top Official at For-Profit University to Help “Right-Size” Department of Education

Jennifer Berkshire reports that Secretary Betsy DeVos has turned to a top official from the scandal-plagued for-profit higher education industry to “right-size” the Department of Education. As the New York Times said when his appointment was announced: “As chief compliance officer for a corporate owner of for-profit colleges, Robert S. Eitel spent the past 18 months as a top lawyer for a company
Paterson, New Jersey: A City of Forgotten Children and Abused Techers

Bruce Lowry, an editorial writer for The Record in New Jersey, writes here about the neglected public schools of Paterson, which have been under state control for more than 25 years. 
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