Monday, April 17, 2017

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Privatization of Public Schools

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Privatization of Public Schools:

Privatization of Public Schools

I previously posted the long memo called Real Choice vs. False Choice: The Repercussions of Privatization Programs for Students, Parents, and Public Schools that Senator Patty Murray sent to her colleagues in late March about the privatization of public schools. She does credit in laying out real world examples of how privatization has not worked in the U.S.

Her most basic point?

Privatization efforts provide a false sense of choice for many students and families. 

From the Network for Public Education comes the NPE Toolkit: School Privatization Explained
on Privatization.  There are a variety of topics covered about charter schools as well as tax credit and voucher programs.  They give Washington State a "C" for school privatization. 

 Here's some of what Senator Murray's memo says:

Under school privatization programs such as private school vouchers, tuition tax credits or deductions for private school, and education savings accounts for elementary or secondary education, families and students are promised a better school experience. But the reality is that private schools receiving taxpayer funds lack accountability and transparency, can deny students and parents basic rights, and are inaccessible to students in rural areas and students who cannot afford to pay the difference in cost between the voucher and private school tuition. These programs are particularly concerning for our nation's children who need additional supports and services in school, including students with disabilities who are often forced to sacrifice their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in exchange for a voucher. 

The Trump Administration and some in Congress are pursuing an education agenda under the guise of providing students and families with so-called “school choice.” Though, on its face, this 
Seattle Schools Community Forum: Privatization of Public Schools:

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