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Schools Matter: SESSIONS, Jefferson Beauregard III (Jeff), (1946 - )

Schools Matter: SESSIONS, Jefferson Beauregard III (Jeff), (1946 - ):

SESSIONS, Jefferson Beauregard III (Jeff), (1946 - )

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In the coming days, Congress will decide if a states rights segregationist from Alabama will be the next Attorney General of the United States.  

Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III has a long history of working to fortify the commitment to white supremacy in his state, and if Donald Trump gets his way, Sessions will bring his racist reading of the law to the national stage.  

If you have not seen this piece on Sessions' role in maintaining separate and unequal schools in Alabama, please take a moment to read it in order to understand why the Sessions appointment must be stopped.  

During the early 90s, Sessions, as State Attorney General of Alabama, led an effort to overturn a state court decision aimed to establish more equity in public school funding. 

. . . .Attorney General Sessions led the battle against the decision. He argued that Judge Reese had overreached. It was a familiar war cry on the segregationist right: An activist court was usurping the power of the state’s duly elected officials to solve the problem on their own. For the next two years, Mr. Sessions sought to discredit Judge Reese and overturn his ruling. In one of the twists of austerity budgeting in the mid-1990s, Mr. Sessions had laid off 70 lawyers in the attorney general’s office, and had to find outside counsel to handle the case. Lawyers working on contract for the office were to be paid no more than $85 per hour, but for the challenge to the equity case, the fee cap was lifted. . . .
Sessions' work on behalf in educational inequity earned him high marks among Alabama Republicans.  And Schools Matter: SESSIONS, Jefferson Beauregard III (Jeff), (1946 - ):

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