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Going To Notrump: The Meaning Of Resistance – redqueeninla

Going To Notrump: The Meaning Of Resistance – redqueeninla:

Going To Notrump: The Meaning Of Resistance

Let me explain why a vote for Steve Zimmer in the LAUSD fourth board district, is like bringing to life an avatar for RESISTANCE.

Apply to the County Registrar before the close of February for your ballot to be counted here!
Point of order:
‘Resisting’ means here: Refusing to be manipulated deviously by plutocrats (who are defined as a person whose power derives from their wealth).
Resisting signifies here: Refusing to abdicate your vote, which is your portkey to democracy.
Several “Independent Expenditure”s (IEs) have been made by Political Action Committees (PACs), and unlike forcing notrump in the game of Bridge, these are no paeans to subtlety or finesse.
Everyone should be aware that former-mayor Richard Riordan just plunked down $1m to establish a PAC brazenly titled “LA…Opposing Steve Zimmer For Schoolboard”.
Remember Dick Riordan? He’s LA’s octogenarian, thrice-divorced, Iris-American, Republican, self-styled “tough-guy”, the 39th mayor, who reigned from 1993-2001. He has been agitating to emasculate Los Angeles’ popularly elected schoolboard for decades. He’s not the only major contributor to IEs opposing Zimmer, and there are more such crocks of gold. Riordan contributed $15,000 to an IE for Nick Melvoin and donated $22,000 (total), the maximum allowable personally to each of Steve Zimmer’s other two LAUSD4 opponents. Like this race, his political machinations are nonpartisan.
And unbounded by moral compunction either; just last summer Riordan was fined $11,250 by LA’s Ethics Commission for shenanigans of incomplete disclosure during the previous LAUSD elections.
Dick Riordan’s net worth is estimated at a mere $100m which sadly doesn’t put him anywhere near Forbes’ Fortune 400 list, home to so many of today’s other Going To Notrump: The Meaning Of Resistance – redqueeninla:

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