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Read Across America: 20 years young! - Lily's Blackboard

Read Across America: 20 years young! - Lily's Blackboard:

Read Across America: 20 years young!

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Ok, so we’re all getting a little older.  But some things never go out of style. I recently picked up a book to read with my 20-month-old granddaughter.  “I’ll Love You Forever” always makes me laugh and cry and get a little creeped out  (if you haven’t read this book picture book you won’t know what I’m talking about. Get a copy).  I happen to flip to the title page and there was my handwritten note to my son when I gave him that same book as a Christmas present when he was 2.  My son, who is now 478-months-old and who can still recite it from memory.  
I have a feeling my granddaughter will love that book when she’s 20 years old as much as she does now that she only wants to eat the pages. Reading never grows old. And neither does the celebration of reading.
NEA’s Read Across America is 20 years old! And we’ve never felt better.
To mark the occasion, we have produced a fabulous Read Across America calendar that highlights the many diverse books available to students and the variety of cultural celebrations that make America the mosaic we are.
From the beginning, Read Across America has been an incredible vehicle for focusing attention on the literacy needs and successes of our children. But it takes much more than a one-day celebration. It’s the relationships built around reading, between students, teachers, librarians, parents, volunteers and other caring community members, that can have a long-term impact on our nation of diverse readers.
Good reading skills are the cornerstone to success. Developing these skills puts students on the pathway to a lifetime of learning and adventure, and providing a diverse array of book titles goes a long way toward cultivating their interests.
Our brand new literacy calendar is available! It features tons of suggestions of diverse books suitable for a wide range of readers.  The calendar also includes ideas for school activities and titles for older readers. 
The calendar also features books such as Going HomeComing Homeabout a girl who travels to Vietnam, where her parents were born, and discovers that you can “find yourself at home” even a very long way from your own.Pool, a picture book, wordlessly tells an elegant story of a young swimmer’s adventures in a crowded pool.
Collaborate with your colleagues on EdCommunities to brainstorm and share tips that will inspire a love of reading, at mynea360.org. Check out Read Across on Facebook,  browse our boards on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and follow @NEAToday on Twitter. 
If you try out some of the activities suggested in the calendar, take photos, tag them #ReadAcrossAmerica and post on social media. Every month, winners will be selected for free copies of the books featured in the calendar.
And while we’re marking this special anniversary, let’s also celebrate the many educators and volunteers across the nation who make NEA’s Read Across America a success every year. Thank you!Read Across America: 20 years young! - Lily's Blackboard:

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