Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thanks Gov. Snyder: Mother of Four Scammed in Flint Water Disaster

Thanks Gov. Snyder:  Mother of Four Scammed in Flint Water Disaster

FLINT WOMAN Scammed: Mother of 4, Tammy Loren has only a few years to live because of Flint's water disaster. Governor Snyder switched the source of tap water for Flint residents to the polluted Flint River, which caused many citizens to become ill. But, that didn't stop one company from tricking Tammy Loren to promote their water purifier company. One New Jersey woman, Ginny LaConte Caroselli, who markets water systems, allegedly opened a Go Fund Me Account and surprised Tammy Loren with a promise to deliver a water purifier to her family to remove excess lead and other contaminants from the dying woman's body. Donations were requested to buy water purifiers for Flint. Tammy Loren shared the GoFundMe account with everyone. The purifier never came. The company says they did donate a machine to the community, and that the Go Fund Me money was used for airfare and hotel for the company representatives.

It's absolutely carzy how a person can become so evil! Knowing I have less then 5 years to live and my entire family is sick! We were promised a donation of the Kangen Water Machine but apparently we salvaged the#ClearWater4Flint event! But yet where is the go fund money raised? They slipped and admitted it all went to their airfare hotel stay and food and transportation. Ginny LaConte Caroselli Syrah Scott with The Be You Campaign Jenni Marie and Umi of brookland advantages and Michele Dudley Evans apparently would rather continue to see our children suffer in pain daily and Ken as well and see me die since I only have less then years anyway. Karma is a BITCH!! Thank god my hands are 100% clean! Come in Flint and commit fraud how dare you!!
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