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The Mouth of Donald Trump | deutsch29

The Mouth of Donald Trump | deutsch29:
The Mouth of Donald Trump

Perhaps the best Republican promoter of another Clinton presidency is the mouth of Donald Trump.
He simply cannot control himself. He apparently tried, sort of, following the Democratic National Convention, when he told CNN that he wanted to “hit” some of the speakers so that “they’d never recover.” CNN’s Ashley Killough was quick to translate for Trump: “Trump often uses the term ‘hit’ to mean verbally attack, rather than physical contact.”
Trump even seemed to try to abide by the advice to refrain from attacking DNC speakers and instead focus on Clinton:
Trump said his friend, who he labeled a “very great governor,” urged him to stay focused on attacking Clinton, not other Democrats.
“He said, ‘Don’t hit there. Don’t hit down. You have one person to beat. It’s Hillary Rodham Clinton,'” Trump recalled, adding that he initially objected to the advice. “I said, ‘But I really want to. I don’t like what they’re saying because a lot of it is lies. Not all of it but a lot of it is.’ I said, ‘I just really … it makes me feel good.’ “
Ultimately, he said, he conceded and decided not to launch into verbal assaults against the Democrats.
But like a kid who cannot master his own verbiage, Trump botched an interview with George Stephanopolos in which he was asked questions about the speech given by Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of an American Muslim soldier, Humayun Khan, who died while serving America in Iraq.
In a particular blunder, Trump focused The Mouth of Donald Trump | deutsch29:

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