Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jersey Jazzman: Dear Reformy Bloggers: B’Bye

Jersey Jazzman: Dear Reformy Bloggers: B’Bye:

Dear Reformy Bloggers: B’Bye

 I'm going to keep this short because one of my New Years resolutions is to stop engaging folks who are not serious. But I do want the following on the record before I move on:

Laura Waters is having a debate with Stephen Danley about Camden schooling. As far as I'm concerned, anything Stephen does is worth checking out, so here's Stephen's latest contribution:
First of all, there is no need to concoct a completely facetious account of what I hypothetically argue. My email is on the Rutgers website and I’m active on twitter. Why put words in my mouth then argue with a straw man? If Laura had the courtesy to actually ask me about her hospital analogy, I would have told her that communities are often fiercely protective of their hospitals, and that often the “poorer” hospital is the one serving the poorest population (the community least likely to be able to pay). In contrast to Laura’s stereotyping of me as someone only interested in “academic exercise,” I actually participated in protests in New Orleans around this very issue. After Hurricane Katrina, Charity Hospital was closed, in part because it’s business model of serving low-income residents was not considered viable in the long-term. A new research hospital was to open which focused less on this non-profitable clientele. Sound familiar? [emphasis mine]
As a matter of fact, yes. But I'm not talking about the hospital; I'm talking about Laura Waters completely mischaracterizing someone else's words.

Because this is what Waters does. She mischaracterizes the views of the dead so badly their families have to call her out on it. She omitted crucial context in her attempted takedown of a post by Matt DiCarlo about teacher quality. She tries to critique my - See more at: http://jerseyjazzman.blogspot.com/2016/01/dear-reformy-bloggers-bbye.html#sthash.31x4OM61.dpuf