Friday, July 18, 2014

Organizing and Action - UNITED OPT OUT: The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform

Organizing and Action - UNITED OPT OUT: The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform:

Organizing and Action


Don’t let summer pass us by! Now is a great time to begin organzing actions locally and nationally before the next school year begins. UOO state by state are currently being updated and will be ready for fall 2014! Start planning your local/state opt out letter writing parties today.
UOO suggests some of the following guidelines to help move forward in the fight to take back our schools and our children from the grips of corporate interests. It can feel overwhelming and defeating at times. But we know that this fight is win-able. We have to focus, organize and determine what actions are best. here are some tips (also see organizing chart link here):
1) Where to begin? Sometimes parents, teachers and other community members will stop before they even get started because the whole mess just feels so damn overwhelming!
2) To better understand how we are all connected. Its a Catch 22 really. Politicians and legislators are the ones with the power to write bills that end bad policy and initiate good ones. But politicians are motivated by voters. Parents, teachers and community members must put weight on politicians to get them to do anything! Most of them are either woefully uninformed or bought out by corporate interests. So they need educating and serious pressure from us, and;
3) Focusing not only on what we are against but what we are FOR. Effective strategy includes a vision of what we want! And taking steps to manifest it.
The chart itself is rather simple. Here are some suggestions for things to insert into the chart (or to consider):
Who are the People in Your Neighborhood? (sung to a jaunty tune):  Now, what “we” want depends on the “we.” Generally speaking its the real stakeholders: Children in public schools, parents, and members of the local communities most affected by the changes to their public school systems. For example, in your state or district are parents, teachers and communities of color being silenced, sold out, or colonized? (note: this is most likely “yes” where ever you throw a dart at the US map…) Who must have a voice and input for change to be meaningful and effective? Do you have a strong teachers union? Parent organizations? Involvement from Organizing and Action - UNITED OPT OUT: The Movement to End Corporate Education Reform: