Friday, July 18, 2014

7-18-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum

Seattle Schools Community Forum:

Seattle School Board Appoints Larry Nyland as Interim Super
The Board seems in agreement of the appointment of Dr. Larry Nyland, former superintendent in Marysville (and a former Superintendent of the Year) to be the interim superintendent. More to come.  Board seems enthused.

Feds Change Medicaid Coverage to Help Kids with Autism
From Disability Scoop:In what advocates are calling a major win, federal officials are for the first time telling states that Medicaid coverage must include treatments like applied behavior analysis for children with autism.Medicaid programs nationwide must offer “medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services” to kids with autism, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services told states

Friday Open Thread
It looks to be a busy day in Seattle Public Schools.  Banda is now officially going to Sacramento (and boy, that lack of enthusiasm from the Sacramento Bee) and we await the discussion/announcement today of an interim who is likely to be in place for the next 6-9 months. I have found out some interesting things about one of the potential interim candidates that I will post in a separate thread.  I

7-17-14 Seattle Schools Community Forum
Seattle Schools Community Forum: Special Education in our Country - One ViewI haven't seen this education writer before but all I can say is she's good (and a great advocate for Special Education students and their parents.)  Thank you, Dr. Nancy Bailey.  As she says:Let’s take back reform and revive, rally, and recover public schools.Here she takes on Arne Duncan (red mine):The fact is there has