Thursday, April 3, 2014

New York's Dumb State Budget | Diane Ravitch

New York's Dumb State Budget | Diane Ravitch:

New York's Dumb State Budget

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 In writing the state budget, New York legislators totally capitulated to the billionaire-funded charter industry. Of course, they were egged on by Governor Cuomo, who now sees himself as a national leader of the school privatization movement. (He is even leading a retreat with other prominent figures of the movement to turn public schools over to private management. Please note that the "philosophers" who wrote the invitation to the retreat couldn't manage to spell the name of James Russell Lowell correctly.)

The budget deal includes these terms:
The private corporations that manage charter schools in New York City will never have to pay for using public space.
The de Blasio administration must offer space to all charters approved in the dying days of the Bloomberg administration. De Blasio had previously approved 14 of 17; now he must approve all 17. Whatever Eva Moskowitz wants, Eva gets.
The charters located inside public school buildings may expand as much as they wish, and the mayor can't stop them. If this means pushing out children with severe disabilities, so be it. If it means taking control of the entire building and pushing all of the students out of their public school, so be it.
If a charter chooses to rent private space, the New York City public schools must pay their rent. Where will the money come from? Well, the public schools can always increase class size, or they can lay off social workers and counselors and New York's Dumb State Budget | Diane Ravitch: