Sunday, March 23, 2014

UPDATE Geaux Teacher!: Fallacies Or Conspiracies?: NAEP, PISA & ACT/SAT Tests

Geaux Teacher!: Fallacies Or Conspiracies?: NAEP, PISA & ACT/SAT Tests:

Two Louisiana Student Privacy Bills Compete
This is a re-post of a blog by Stephanie Beard comparing two bills introduced in the Louisiana legislative session relative to parental concerns about student data privacy.  It is very thorough and useful for others in presenting testimony or communicating with these committee members. Rep. John Schroder from St. Tammany Parish is the man of the moment for parents having introduced a student priva

Fallacies Or Conspiracies?: NAEP, PISA & ACT/SAT Tests

This was written in response to concerns by some legislators who are working with their constituencies (finally) to sponsor bills for this Louisiana legislative session that will remove our state from the flawed policies associated with the adoption of Common Core Standards.

  Of primary concern is the argument that comparisons of NAEP (national), PISA (international) and ACT (College Readiness) test scores show Louisiana and/or the United States have failing public education systems.  There has been much evidence offered to discount these claims with little success.

  This latest report published by The Brookings Institute is so clear and convincing that I offer it to Louisiana policymakers and legislators along with my personal dialogue and plea for their consideration as they conduct hearings and debate whether or not to withdraw from the Common Core Initiative and return public education policy to our state.

The proposal by new College Boards President David Coleman to "align" ACT/SAT tests to the CCSS should place those tests under the same scrutiny.  The FEAR purposely planted in the minds of policymakers and parents that changes to the ACT and SAT make CCSS adoption imperative are just as baseless as the general contention that ANY single standardized test score is a valid or reliable measure of a student's academic ability or potential.

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 PISA has been used to promote Shanghai as a model of equity since 2009.  In hundreds of pages discussing equity, PISA publications have never even mentioned hukou. 

The following excerpts from the complete report found at the above link and include my analysis of the consequences and