Sunday, March 23, 2014

4LAKids - some of the news that doesn't fit 3-23-14

4LAKids - some of the news that doesn't fit:

U.S. Schools Plagued By Inequality Alomg Racial Lines, Study Finds
In discipline, access to education and other factors, data on U.S. public schools show patterns of inequality tied to race. By Lalita Clozel, L.A. Times | Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr., left, and Education Secretary Arne Duncan discuss results of a new civil rights study on access to education and unfair disciplinary practices in U.S. public schools during a visit to J.O

Avoiding the front-runners: UTLA BOARD RECOMMENDS - ¡Not Endorses!- 3 TEACHERS FOR LA UNIFIED SEAT
  UTLA board endorses 3 teachers for LA Unified seat, not Omarosa by LA School Report | March 20, 2014 9:37 am  ::  The board of directors of the Los Angeles teachers union, UTLA, voted last night to recommend that the union endorse three teachers for the vacant District 1 board seat. The special election is June 3. In recommending Sherlett Hendy-Newbill, Rachel Johnson

4LAKids - some of the news that doesn't fit 3-22-14
4LAKids - some of the news that doesn't fit:4LAKIDS - SOME OF THE NEWS THAT DOESN'T FIT  SAY GOODBYE TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Diane Ravitch warns Salon some cities will soon have none  "Why destroy public education so that a handful can boast they have a charter school in addition to their yacht?"   Josh Eidelson interviews Diane Ravitch for Salon |     Diane Ravitch (Cr