Sunday, March 9, 2014

3-9-14 Schools Matter All Week

Schools Matter:

Michelle Rhee Loves Bob Behning and Other Indiana Right-Wingers
by Doug MartinMichelle Rhee’s political funding machine has entered Indiana, and the fake Democrat who once spoke at the statehouse with former governor Mitch Daniels is now handing cash to the rightest of the right-wing in Indiana, the latest none other than ALEC member Bob Behning. In 2013, Rhee’s Students First PAC, registered in California, slid Behning $1,000 (page 9). The PAC is also fundin

The common core: An untried curriculum plus nonstop testing

Sent to the Salt Lake Tribune, March 9, 2014M. Donald Thomas is right: "Common Core supporters (are) providing misinformation" (March 7). In addition to the points he makes, there are other serious problems.First, the common core standards are untested.  There were no pilot studies. Second, the common core requires a huge increase in testing; research has indicated that increasing testin
3-8-14 Schools Matter All Week
Schools Matter:  Schools Matter All WeekIt's Time for Congress to Investigate High Stakes TestingMore than 400 educators, citizens, bloggers, activists and parents met in Austin, Texas for the first Annual Network for Public Education Conference. The press release just doesn't seem to be getting much press.  Diane Ravitch was on the Ed Show last night on MSNBC. I suppose that's a start but the rea