Sunday, March 9, 2014

3-9-14 Ed Notes Online

Ed Notes Online:

You Mean, That Jessica Tisch? Bratton Chooses Tisch
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton names Jessica Tisch as deputy commissioner of information and technologyOh, you mean that Jessica Tisch?Jessica Tisch Calls For Bloomberg 3rd Term - Ed Notes OnlineApr 15, 2008Today's Post includes an op-ed calling for voters to decide on term limits so Bloomberg can run again. The piece claims Bloomberg has outperformed, citing his record in improving the schools. I
Putin Crimea Annexation Modeled on Eva Moskowitz Invasion of NYC Schools
Kremlin insiders have revealed that Vladimir Putin modeled his invasion of Crimea on the successful takeover of numerous public schools by Eva Moskowitz and her Success Charter chain. Sending shock troops into a building in advance? Check. Rolling local political forces in a media blitz? Check. "Eva Moskowitz has more power than Kim Jong-un," said a Putin spokesman.Two who lust for Mosko

3-8-14 Ed Notes Online Week
Ed Notes Online: Ed Notes OnlineSusan's Saturday SpecialHere is a collection for your weekend reading. I know the latest Common Core outrage is long but I hope you will read it with careful attention. This assault on first graders sits at the core of what corporate ed deform is all about. this with Kate DiCamillo's wonderful memories of a read-aloud.W