Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Louisiana Educator: Jindal, Can You Say Hypocrisy?

Louisiana Educator: Jindal, Can You Say Hypocrisy?:

Jindal, Can You Say Hypocrisy?

Governor Jindal seems to have taken conflicting, and highly questionable stands recently in relation to education. Here are just a few.
  1. Noel Hammatt former president of the School Boards Association pointed out recently that even though Jindal has been pushing "choice" for parents with his substandard voucher program and low performing charters, his administration came out against parental choice in St Helena Parish. This developed when the St Helena School Board wanted to include middle school grades in their school system to give parents a "choice" to leave the F rated RSD run Middle school in St Helena. The argument Jindal's lawyers used in court is that the addition of that "choice" for parents may adversely affect desegregation efforts. Now Hammatt points out, Jindal has bought a 500k media campaign to lambast the US Department of Justice for filing a suit to require the state to provide information about how Jindal's voucher program may affect desegregation agreements in some parishes.Jindal is feigning self righteous anger that the Justice Dept. has even raised the deseg. issue. This smells like