Wednesday, September 25, 2013

9-25-13 Ed Notes Online

Ed Notes Online:

Teacher Insurgency in Mexico - TONIGHT - REPORT BACK From Mexico City to NYC:
REPORT BACK From Mexico City to New York City Teacher Insurgency in MexicoTuesday, September 24, 6 p.m. CUNY Graduate Center 365 5th Ave. at 34th St. Room 5409 B, D, F train to 34th St.; 6 train to 33rd St. (photo identification needed Since mid-August, teachers in Mexico have electrified the country, striking against unionbusting educational “reform” laws that threaten to throw tens of tho
New Content at SusanOhanian.Org, Sept.
As usual, Susan can keep you up all day reading her collection of stuff. Have fun.I just received another birthday party invitation--this one from student about to celebrate her 40th birthday. She was in my 3rd grade class in 1982-83--10 years removed from the other student. She is the student to whom I gave more of my heart than any other. . . and the love continues to be returned. My only gratit

Portelos Hearing: DOE Legal Invalidates Chapter Leader Election at IS 49SI
Imagine a union allowing the employer to invalidate an election for building rep and remaining mute.  Multiple contract violations involved in principal's refusal to meet w. elected CL on a regular basis, consult committee, etc. Not that they ( union bureaucracy)  care.... observer at Portelos hearingHow absurd. They've had 500 +days to investigate him and they are just *now* "checking"

9-24-13 Ed Notes Online
Ed Notes Online: Where Are Rhee, Kopp, Klein, Moskowitz, E4E, DFER When it Comes to Defending Food Stamps Program (SNAP)? might think that ensuring adequate nutrition for children, which is a large part of what SNAP does, actually makes it less, not more likely that those children will be poor and need public assistance when they grow up. ... Paul Krugman, NY TimesYou mean SNAP might actua