Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I ATTEMPT TO RAP | Teachers Fight Back

I ATTEMPT TO RAP | Teachers Fight Back:


It’s very important that older teachers find ways to relate to their younger students.  The same should be said about older and retired teachers when it comes to interacting with much younger teachers.  Younger teachers don’t seem to be too concerned about the teacher pension crisis in Illinois. Older teachers need to bring younger teachers on board when it comes to fighting hurtful pension reform. I am going to try and inspire younger teachers to join in the fight to protect  teacher pensions. What better way to get the attention of younger teachers than to articulate pension concerns by using a format that might appeal to young teachers?
While I abhor rap music and any form of rapping, I will attempt my own rapping if it will enlighten younger teachers about the pension crisis. Here goes my attempt to build rapport with younger teachers by rapping about pensions.
“The state stole your pension money, and that ain’t funny. Your golden years are now in tears. You live with your fears.
Don’t yield to Springfield, demand what’s due you, before they screw you. If the legislature goes too far, you’ll