Saturday, July 27, 2013

7-27-13 Perdido Street School

Perdido Street School:

Bloomberg: We're Lucky The CityTime Crooks Ripped Us Off!
Yeah, he said it:New York City is lucky it got ripped off hundreds of millions of dollars in the CityTime scandal, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this morning. Mr. Bloomberg’s argument was that because the fraudsters agreed to pay the city back $500 million after being hounded by federal prosecutors and the city’s Department of Investigation, the project of modernizing the municipal payroll system e

Mayor Bloomberg's "Legacy"
Along with the CityTime fraud (which Bloomberg said yesterday was the swellest thing that ever happened to NYC) and the 911 system mess and the Bloomberg Boxer Day Blizzard Disaster (9 dead - Go see a play!) and phonied up test scores, graduation rates, crime stats and emergency response stats is a New York City police department completely out of control: A college-bound  Brooklyn teen says a ven


Former Teacher/Assistant Principal Confronts Anthony Weiner Over Character Issue
Many people have been saying for awhile here in the edu-blogosphere that if a teacher conducted himself/herself the way Anthony Weiner has conducted himself over the past three years, he/she would be fired.Today on Staten Island, Weiner was confronted by a teacher who told him this to his face:During a press event this afternoon in Tottenville, a local resident directly and repeatedly confronted M
NY Post: Anthony Weiner's Brother Called Weiner's Sexting Partner To See If She Needed To Be "Neutralized"
The sleaze factor in the Weiner saga just got sleazier:Anthony Weiner’s chef brother turned up the heat on the mayoral wannabe’s secret online paramour just weeks before the sexting pol announced his mayoral bid, according to a longtime confidante of the scorned beauty.Jason Weiner, who owns Manhattan bistro Almond, reached out to Anthony’s sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, on April 12 — just two
With Weiner All But Finished, Who Becomes The "Anybody But Quinn" Candidate Now?
Harry Enten argues that up until his sexting scandal redux this week, Anthony Weiner had not only been benefiting from name recognition to push him into the lead in polls, he also had been benefiting from how much many people dislike Christine Quinn.That advantage is finished for Weiner and Enten says it is now there for the taking for either Bill Thompson or Bill de Blasio: With Weiner for all pr
Where The Mayoral Race Now Stands
Let's assume that Christine Quinn is back in front, with yesterday's Marist poll showing her regaining the lead over scandal-scarred Anthony Weiner, but that her frontrunner status is fluid.Even though the primary is just 45 days away, we're still early in the race and Quinn and Weiner were both leading the pack based on name recognition and notoriety as much as anything else.Let's also assume tha
Wiener: Sure, I Sent Penis Photos, But At Least I Didn't Overturn Term Limits
Love it - Anthony Weiner, in defending his sexting communications, attacked Christine Quinn yesterday:Serial sexter Anthony Weiner admitted yesterday he had cybersex with at least three women after he resigned from Congress over his infamous sexting scandal.That brings his total extramarital Internet dalliances to at least 13, and Weiner suggested that was his final answer.“I don’t believe I had a
A Bad Day For Anthony Weiner
Here's how the NY Times described his day:Anthony D. Weiner’s mayoral campaign entered a dark and chaotic phase on Thursday as he admitted to having explicit online relationships with at least three women since he left Congress, and the woman at the center of the latest scandal appeared on television, remembering him as a “perpetually horny middle-aged man.” Mr. Weiner, appearing shaken and at tim