Saturday, June 22, 2013

UPDATE Saturday coffee. | Fred Klonsky

Saturday coffee. | Fred Klonsky:

Saturday coffee.

Reading the reports of a million demonstrators in streets of Brazillian cities this past week, it is hard not to think of my own city.
Protesters chanted, “When your son is ill, take him to the stadium.”
And, “Any good teacher is worth more than Neymar,” in reference to the Brazillian soccer star.
And my favorite.  “The people, united, are a gigantic bunch of dudes.”
Money on sports stadiums instead of schools?
Wait. Are we talking abou

Rich white people get married.


Miss Hicks Weds Stephen Quazzo

Deborah Tyler Hicks, an associate in corporate finance at Merrill Lynch Capital Markets in New York, and Stephen Renato Quazzo, an associate in the investment banking division of Goldman, Sachs & Company in New York, were married yesterday. The Rev. Barnum C. McCarty performed the ceremony at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Jacksonville, Fla.
Ann T. Hicks was maid of honor for her sister. Marco L. Quazzo was his brother’s best man.
The bride, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Milton Hicks of Jacksonville, graduated cum laude from 

Rahm’s new board member. “I’m Deborah Quazzo, an investment banker by trade.” 13 minutes on how to make money from schools.

Ten minute drawing. Saint Vincent de Paul.

Sain Vincent de Paul
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Member of the League of Constitution Bloggers, John Dillon, explains what will happen in the courts if a bill comes out of legislative summer camp.
Bills that may emerge from the “new” summer pension working-group may be an amalgam of Madigan’s benefit-cutting bill SB1 or Cullerton’s union-backed bill SB2404.  In any case, any changes in the wording to SB2404 will provide an immediate refusal to endorse by the unions, and subsequent passage will likely produce a preliminary injunction.  Remember, however, even union-backed SB2404 will face a legal reaction by the Illinois Retired Teachers Association, and such a response might start as described below.
Because of the enormity of impact in the passage of such a bill –one that will affect perhaps 

Journalists who report on the future.

  • Welcome to a thankless job.
    Extra: Emanuel Taps New Chicago Board of Education Member
    (Chicago) – Extra: Mayor Rahm Emanuel today named new a member of the Chicago Board of Education.
The Illinois Observer Considering the torrent of insults, it was a bad investment. Editor.

The in box. Bob Lyons on the Pension Conference Committee.

Bob Lyons is an elected representative of retirees on the TRS board of trustees.
As you know, the only result of the June special legislative session was the creation by the General Assembly of a conference committee as a way out of their impasse on pension reduction. The group will be responsible for coming up with a recommendation to be ready for another special legislative session on Tuesday, July 9.  The ten members of the Conference Committee on Pensions consist of six Democrats and four Republicans, but, as widely reported, more significantly eight of them have previously voted for the Madigan’s SB1 amended that would drastically reduce the benefits of both active and retired public employees.   President of the Senate John Cullerton, appointed not only two supporters, Linda Holmes and Kwame Raoul, of his own much more moderate bill, but much to my surprise, Daniel Bliss, one of the only two Senate Democrats that had voted against the Cullerton bill.  Biss is with Representative Nekritz the team