Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Charter Commission Meeting Wrap-Up

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Charter Commission Meeting Wrap-Up:

Charter Commission Meeting Wrap-Up

This particular thread will probably end up being quite long as there is both news to report from the actual meeting as well as the upshot of what we are going to end up getting for charter schools.

The meeting was held in a conference room off the Governor's office.  There was a high wooden conference table with chairs that had low seats but high backs.  (I found this both funny and irritating because it had the effect of a bunch of kids sitting at an adults' table but you also could not see almost anyone's face as they spoke because the chairbacks block all views.)

Not surprisingly, Steve Sundquist "volunteered" to chair the meeting (and, as I tweeted, I suspect he will end up chair of the commission).  To his credit, he's very good at chairing meetings.  I did not recognize anyone else noton the Commission except for long-time charter supporter, Jim Spady.  (He left the meeting quite frequently to confer with various people.)  I was seated next to a gentleman who wants to open a college-prep elementary charter school in Tacoma.

Sundquist had everyone go around the table and say something that wasn't on their bio.  Almost to a person,