Sunday, April 28, 2013

NYC Educator: Unity Loyalty

NYC Educator: Unity Loyalty:

Unity Loyalty

There's a thread on Gotham Schools that's interesting not so much for its content, that Mulgrew won, but rather for its comment thread. Particularly interesting is the Unity fan, one "Les Vegas." Les has strong opinions about MORE. were running a slate of unqualified candidates, several with radical practices.

This is a theme that comes up whenever anyone has the temerity to oppose the Unity stranglehold on power. They're unqualified and incapable. I remember Unity calling New Action, "No Action" back in the eighties when NA was really an opposition caucus. Of course, no one will ever be qualified to run the UFT but them, because we, as teachers, apparently know nothing. Then, of course, they drop the bomb:

Not your two Socialist organizers. 

Oh my goodness! Socialists! In a union! They might support subversive practices. Like trade unions, for example. Socialist is a loser of a label in the United States, in my opinion. But Republicans and Democrats have been pretty awful to teacher unions lately, and I'm much more worried about them lately. In fact, it's most recently the