Monday, April 1, 2013

UPDATE: Monday read. | Fred Klonsky

Monday read. | Fred Klonsky:

Monday read.


Rahm Emanuel fires CPS spokesperson Becky Carroll. “Forty kids in a classroom!  Is she nuts?” says the Mayor.
In an exclusive interview the Education Secretary admitted he doesn’t know the first thing about education. “I was hoping for a career in the NBA,” admits Duncan. “But I was too short.”
“Who is Vladimir Gompers?” asks Michael Petrilli. “I think maybe he’s the guy everybody avoids in the Fordham cafeteria.”
Michael Bloomberg reflects on the end of his third term as Mayor of New York. “I’m just an ordinary guy

IEA Retired ballots for NEA RA delegate must be received by April 24th.


Our destination is not the MAP.

Graphic: Ellen Gradman