Monday, February 4, 2013

Mother Crusader: An Unbelievable Teacher/Student Story

Mother Crusader: An Unbelievable Teacher/Student Story:

An Unbelievable Teacher/Student Story

I "like" Humans of New York on Facebook.  It is the photography of a guy named Brandon who walks around the streets of the city taking portraits of interesting characters he meets along the way.  This morning, the photo and the story behind it took my breath away.

photo credit Humans of New York

Here's the story.  Grab a Kleenex.
"I never had any family growing up. But I still went to school everyday. One day, when I was in eleventh grade, my English teacher came up to me and said: "If you graduate, I'll adopt you. I'll show you the life. You'll do things you never dreamed of." And he kept his promise. He made it legal and everything. On the day I graduated, he 

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