Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Responsibility « Cooperative Catalyst

Our Responsibility « Cooperative Catalyst:

Our Responsibility

            In the wake of the horrible tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, it may be time to reflect on our responsibilities as a society. No matter our role, we all have an individual and collective responsibility in how we respond to tragedies of this magnitude. Certainly our hearts, thoughts, prayers and support go out to all those who were involved.  Our responsibility extends beyond this, to respond in a way that doesn’t muddle this tragedy with irrelevant statistics, media exploitation, the marketing of predatory profit-driven programs, lesson plans and literature and/or organizations and individuals that see this as an opportunity to promote their ideology and philosophy or simply to gain recognition.
            While many programs and organizations are well-meaning and have trained professionals and techniques that can be helpful, perhaps the community of Sandy Hook Elementary School and Newton, Connecticut does not need to look outside their local community for answers; answers that may never fully come. When a tragedy such as this hits, we all search for answers.  We want to know why, how, what if and now what? It may be that we have to quell our natural inclination to jump in and attempt to quickly answer these