Thursday, November 15, 2012

Edu4 New Working Group: Critical Issues of Standardized Testing (Initiated by Arlo Kempf and Peter McLaren)


Edu4 Update: Building Momentum

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  •  New Working Group: Critical Issues of Standardized Testing (Initiated by Arlo Kempf and Peter McLaren)
  • Edu4 Scholars in action!
  • Edu4 @ AERA, 2013

This group has emerged out of 2012 Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice, where some of us came together to create NYC Field Test Boycott Letter of Endorsement with an accompanying wiki to provide the necessary academic support. Thanks to many of you, the letter has been signed by over 250 education scholars/researchers.

There are four ways in which you can contribute to this group now:
  • Sign the Letter if you are an education scholar or researcher and haven’t done so
  • Join the group and collaborate with others through our website
  • Add academic articles, citations, and websites to the wiki either directly or by sending us (We also welcome information on widespread cheating scandals around high-stakes testing.)
  • Help us track and connect testing boycott movements in different cities by sending us the information

2.  Edu4 Scholars in action!
  • An Open Letter to President Obama from Bill Ayers
Immediately following President Obama’s reelection, a longtime activist, scholar, and one of the first signers of the Edu4 solidarity statement, Bill Ayers, has published an open letter to the