Thursday, November 29, 2012

Digging Into Our 'Disagreements' on Schools - Bridging Differences - Education Week

Digging Into Our 'Disagreements' on Schools - Bridging Differences - Education Week:

Digging Into Our 'Disagreements' on Schools

Dear Pedro,
In keeping with the spirit of Bridging Differences—establishing differences—given our many nondifferences—could be helpful. In response to your blog post from Tuesday, I think there are three possible disagreements I want to address.
1. Your assumption (unsaid) that both "sides" have similar ends, and thus can be persuaded by similar evidence, and alternative solutions.
2. An underlying critique of "our side" for criticizing without offering reasonable alternative paths.
3. Spelling out what you think is missing by offering specific examples.
#1. Assumptions. While many of those who go along with the new "reforms" are naïve, well-meaning (and maybe "brain-washed"?), are we agreed that the new reforms are being driven by folks with different ends in mind? The former folks are a target audience. But the real movers and shakers? They know what they are doing.
The naïve audience doesn't know, or need to be reminded, that every time we face an economic crisis or a