Thursday, November 29, 2012

Common Core [sic] Standards (Susan Ohanian Speaks Out)

Common Core [sic] Standards (Susan Ohanian Speaks Out):

To Be or Not To Be: The Teacher Must Decide

Opportunists have always promoted stupid things in education, but the Common Core seems to send opportunism traveling as skills development over the top of Mount Absurdity. I clicked on an ad for Imagine Learning appearing on the ASCD Smartbrief (sic) that comes in my e-mail every day. I couldn't resist the sell: A Cure for the Common Core. 

Every literacy salesman in the country is now selling The Cure. 

Imagine Learning invited me to See how the new Imagine Learning version 12 is closely aligned with the Common Core standards. The program features over 500 new activities, all specifically designed to address the Common Core. 

I chose to watch a video on the Grammar Strand. Here's a description. 

K-1 students receive focused instruction on nouns, verbs, question words, prepositions, singular and plural nouns, proper nouns, adjectives, pronouns, sentence structure, sentence