Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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What Would Happen if Arne Became Secretary of State

You may recall that Thomas Friedman of the New York Times proposed that Arne Duncan should become Secretary of State and extend his Race to the Top internationally.
Leonie Haimson of Class Size Matters in New York City sees the implications:
“Close &/or privatize embassies that are struggling in terms of diplomacy & conflict resolution?”
Any readers with better ideas?

Ohio Starts New Group to Support Public Schools

Citizens of Ohio have launched a new organization to support strong public schools.
Is there an organization like this in your community or state?
Please let me know.
I will compile a list and circulate it to everyone.

All Those Errors!

Sorry about typos in last few posts.
Typing in airport on cellphone.
Auto correct tool control.
Then I was in air and just landed in NYC
Sad funeral in Houston.

Judge Halts Voucher Program Temporarily

A Federal judge in Louisiana put a halt to the state voucher program and the new teacher hiring laws in one parish, saying they was likely to undercut the desegregation program.
The State Department of Education will appeal. TFA Commissioner John White believes that choice and privatization matter more than desegregation.

Podesta: how to help privatization movement

John Podesta, who heads the Center for American Progress and headed the 2008 Onama transition team, was a keynote speaker at Jeb Bush’s DC gala.
He called on the privatization movement to work in harmony with unions, even though nearly 90% of charter schools are non-union schools.
“Reform” (I.e. privatization) “is not a foregone conclusion.”
It is important to win the acquiescence of unions, especially now that the public is pushing back and trying to ward off the attack of the billionaires and hedge fund managers.
It seems the public is not yet completely sold on the idea of handing the public schools over to entrepreneurs.
Funny, that.

Jeb Bush: Testing and Privatization Are the Rightath

Jeb Bush recognized at his summit meeting that he policies he champions were soundly rebuffed by voters in Indiana (and did he mention Idaho?).
But he assures his rightwing allies that testing, evaluating teachers by student scores, vouchers and charters are the right course, even if educators, parents, and other citizens don’t agree. He apparently compared himself to Lyndon Baines Johnson, fighting to push civil rights legislation when it was unpopular.
Someone should inform him that he is fighting to preserve a failed status quo, not a struggling dissident 

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