Thursday, August 9, 2012

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Ed Reform as Viewed by a Teacher

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Ed Reform as Viewed by a Teacher:


Ed Reform as Viewed by a Teacher

Via Diane Ravitch's blog, comes this piece from teacher Matt Mandel, a national board certified teacher in Philadelphia public schools.   From Diane:

He has figured out reform.
He explains it here for those who were puzzled.
The most important thing you need to know is this:
“It’s not about the children.”
The reason reformers keep saying that it is “for the children,” is because it’s not.
They say that to confuse people.
Read Matt Mandel and learn what it would look like if it were really “about the children.”

What does Mr. Manel say? 
  • If it were about children, each and every public school would be awash in resources and technology. A 

London Resigns; New Interim Appointed

From Bob Boesche (himself an interim) Deputy Superintendent:

I am writing today to tell you that Wendy London, who was serving as Interim Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, made the difficult decision to resign from her position. I want to thank her for her leadership and for balancing both the interim role and her duties as Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction – two very demanding positions. We all wish her well.

For the next two weeks, Kimberly Kinzer, our Manager of Early Learning, will serve as Interim Assistant