Thursday, August 23, 2012

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Education Headlines

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charter school for Fresno's Lowell community sought

A group of community leaders and educators have proposed a new charter school to serve children in Fresno's Lowell neighborhood. The Kepler Neighborhood School would focus on community building in the troubled neighborhood, which loosely runs between Belmont Avenue and Divisadero Street and has long been plagued by poverty.

Anaheim high school cancels events found to be demeaning

After complaints, "Seniores" and "Se├▒oritas" events at Canyon High in Anaheim Hills, where students wore costumes demeaning to Latinos, are canceled.

Fensterwald Brown struggling to sell Prop 30 to wary voters

Rework your talking points, Governor. You risk losing the message war over Proposition 30. That’s one implication of the latest poll on Jerry Brown’s tax initiative for the November ballot. Most Californians continue to back it, but not by a comfortable majority. Pollsters are predicting a tight race to the finish.

High School Exit Exam results show improvement but state schools superintendent worries how budget crisis will affect future classes

Although a higher percentage of California's high school students are passing the state's High School Exit Exam, state schools Superintendent Tom Torlakson worries about how future classes will fare, in light of the budget crisis.

Can Brown win tax vote with doomsday talk?

There's no mystery about the conventional path to getting voters to say yes to a ballot initiative: sell them on all the good things the measure does. Which is what makes Gov. Jerry Brown's still nascent campaign for his Proposition 30 so interesting: it seems focused not on what happens if they vote yes, but the impending doom if voters say no.

California voters prefer Gov. Jerry Brown's Prop. 30 tax measure over Molly Munger's Prop. 38

Voters continue to prefer Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative solidly over wealthy civil rights attorney Molly Munger's, but a new poll shows signs that the governor's measure may be vulnerable to attack ads.
Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Principal switch alarms kids

Impassioned complaints from a group of parents have spurred Stockton Unified Superintendent Steve Lowder to reconsider plans to have two K-8 principals switch school sites just days into the new academic year.

College organization lauds Lodi program

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the organization that oversees school accreditations, called the school "innovative" and a "model for independent schools throughout the state."

Tax collector blasts Poway Unified bonds, calls for reform

Poway Unified School District's exorbitantly expensive bonds shouldn't be allowed by law, Dan McAllister, San Diego County's treasurer-tax collector said Tuesday.