Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Culture of Lawlessness

Seattle Schools Community Forum: Culture of Lawlessness:

Culture of Lawlessness

In the Comments of the blog post on the C.A.S. M.O.U. decision (or was it the M.I.C. K.E.Y. decision?) I wrote this paragraph:
"Seattle Public Schools suffers from a culture of lawlessness. No one enforces the rules (whether they be superintendent procedures, board policies, state law or federal law), so no one bothers to follow them. Typically, no one even bothers to check them before making decisions - decisions which often violate the rules. This culture of lawlessness pervades the District and not only makes all kinds of abuses possible but actually encourages them."
That little blurb there really rang true for a lot of folks. So much so that I reckon it deserves a little discussion of its own.

There is no denying the culture of lawlessness in Seattle Public Schools. No one feels constrained by any rules