Saturday, June 2, 2012

Missouri Education Watchdog: Petro Dollars Get Behind Common Core

Missouri Education Watchdog: Petro Dollars Get Behind Common Core:

Petro Dollars Get Behind Common Core

My  and my husband's paths crossed this weekend when I happened to catch (out of the corner of my eye because I cannot imagine sitting down to watch this) an ad by Exxon Mobile, that ran during the golf tournament he was watching on tv, promoting the Common Core Standards. It was every bit the propaganda that CCCS enthusiasts could want.

"Forty five states have joined together to assure consistent academic standards across America.  These internationally recognized benchmarks are unlocking a better way to prepare our children for college and their careers. Because when our kids do better, America does better. Let's reach higher.  Let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students.  Let's solve this."
My husband looked over at me an innocently asked, "Hey, isn't that something you're following?"  (He generally leaves all kid related issues to me and knows that I write for an education blog, so it was a safe guess when the ad mentioned education that I might have some knowledge about it.)  It turned into a moment where my head popped up from the middle of the forest of education reform. I got a glimpse of the view from someone standing