Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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If I have to take one more of these frigging standardized test,
I think my head will explode!


College Is No Guarantee of Success

Professional blind squirrel Campbell Brown finds a nut:
Hardly reassuring words when you look at the reality. According to the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University, about 53.6 percent of men and women under the age of 25 who hold bachelor’s degrees were jobless or underemployed last year, the most in at least 11 years. According to the Pew Research Center, if we broaden the age group to 18- to 29-year-olds, an estimated 37 percent are unemployed or out of the work force, the highest share in more than three decades.
This notion that poverty is caused by a bad American education system keeps bumping up against reality. The 

Bumper Crop of Working Seniors

“All Used Up,” performed by Utah Phillips

As pensions are gutted, retirement ages raised, and nest eggs still enfeebled by the recession, more and more people are finding they cannot afford to retire. The New York Times

On Cory Booker's Nausea: A Teacher's Meditation

Guest poem by Bill Schechter.

So who dares criticize Private Equity?
Who has the temerity to malign Private Enterprise,
- or suggest that Bain actually was a bane?
But when it came to trashing Public Education & Unions
the businessmen were first in line, with their Roundtables, their Councils, their Chambers, their PACS, followed by their Hedge Fund and Equity colleagues, with their phony grassroots groups, their bought education commissioners, their for-profit charters, their testing companies feeding at the public trough, their dollars counting double our votes,

Want to know who Corey Booker is and what he really stands for?

Back in July of 2010, I reported on the New Jersey Teacher’s Village taht would combine zoning for three charter schools and corporate labor houses  for corporate teachers. Well, the plan came to fruition and the big sponsors, along with Chris Cristie, who you would expect to pass the begging...

Shame on Joy Hochstadt and Andrew Ostrowksy

Strike authorization vote likely before end of school year

Wednesday afternoon the Chicago Teachers Union is planning a massive rally to protest the current CPS contract proposal, which they call “unreasonable.” No strike authorization vote will be taken at the downtown event, but such a vote will likely happen before the end of this school year.
CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey says the vote is a “bargaining tool,” and emphasized that a strike date would 

Another DCPS RIF and More Excesses Up Ahead !

Written by Candi Peterson

With another school year coming to a close, more excess letters will be handed out by DC Public Schools to another group of Washington Teachers' Union (WTU) members as well as Council of School Officers (CSO) union members. Among those impacted will be DCPS School Psychologists. Historically, school psychologists' have been itinerant workers who were centrally funded and supervised directly by the Office of Special Education. School psychologists were generally responsible for several schools in most cases (sometimes more). Last school year, itinerant school social workers whose positions had previously been centrally funded by the Office of Special Education

Bill Introduced: H.R.5436 Engaging Students Through Service Learning Act

To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to authorize a national elementary and secondary service-learning program that promotes student academic achievement, and for other purposes.

Bill Introduced: H.Res.645 Supporting the goals and ideals of National Teacher Day.

Supporting the goals and ideals of National Teacher Day.

Parents United for Responsible Education » Blog Archive » CPS set to sign away student privacy

coopmike48 at Big Education Ape - 1 hour ago
Parents United for Responsible Education » Blog Archive » CPS set to sign away student privacy: CPS set to sign away student privacy At their meeting tomorrow, the Chicago Board of Education is set to sign a new contract with Rupert Murdoch’s Wireless Generation to collect and store student mathematics assessment information with the provision that our children’s personal information will be shared with test publishers and other corporations that make money off of our students. Thought there were privacy laws and parental rights? Think again. Parents Across America co-founder Leonie... more »

Big Education Ape Nite Cap 5-22-12 #SOSCHAT #EDCHAT #P2