Monday, April 23, 2012

Jersey Jazzman: Reformy Logic

Jersey Jazzman: Reformy Logic:

Reformy Logic

The most reformy Rev. Reginald T. Jackson, Executive Director, The Black Ministers Council of New Jersey [all emphases mine]:
Our urban students are more likely to be assigned an inexperienced teacher — which is bad for both the teacher and the student — more likely to have a substitute and more likely to have a teacher teaching out-of-subject specialization. Additionally, because teachers garner more control over their assignments as they accrue seniority, leaving little incentive for them to take difficult assignments as they ostensibly improve, in our troubled schools where the most experienced teachers are needed, we are least likely to find them.
So the answer to a lack of experienced teachers is to pass a bill - TEACHNJ - that would diminish the use of