Friday, March 16, 2012

Like White Castle to fine dining. « Fred Klonsky

Like White Castle to fine dining. « Fred Klonsky:

Like White Castle to fine dining.

Former IEA President (right) and other members of IEA Retired leave the RA with 26,000 signatures for the governor. It was a grass roots effort to restore state funding to retiree health insurance.
Democray is the the IEA RA what White Castle is to fine dining.
This is not new a new observation.
But things have never been this perilous for teachers and teacher unions. There is little room for game playing.
When a motion from the rank-and-file to increase the funding for the media and organizational battle to preserve teacher pensions and collective bargaining rights from $5 to $20 was made, it passed. An rank-and-file call for a 

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