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Anyway Up or Down Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all

Diane Ravitch's blog | A site to discuss better education for all:

Anyway Up or Down Diane Ravitch's blog 
A site to discuss better education for all

Betsy DeVos’s Speech to the Far-Right ALEC Organization
Delve into the mind of Betsy DeVos. She is the first Secretary of Education ever to address the American Legislative Exchange Council, the secretive far-right organization funded by the Koch brothers, the DeVos family, and major corporations, with the intent of getting rid of unions, standards for teachers, environmental regulations, and anything that gets in the way of corporations. Here is the
Jeannie Kaplan: Denver Activists Mobilized to Say a Loud NO to DeVos, Corporate Greed, and Privatization
Jeannie Kaplan, who served on the Denver school board for two terms, has been a sharp critic of the district’s devotion to charters and high-stakes testing. She has documented time and again that ten years of “reform” has produced nothing 

Denver: Protestors Slam DeVos Before Her ALEC Speech

NPR wrote about the protest awaiting Betsy DeVos in Denver. Apparently she is speaking today, although that fact is on neither the ALEC agenda nor the Department of Education website. She is the first Secretary of Education to 

Bill Moyers’ Website on Trump’s Nutty Interview

Other news outlets focused on Trump’s regret about appointing Jeff Sessions. Or his slap at Rod Rosenstein, Comey and others. But this is what Moyers’ website loved: “If you’ve been away from the news for the past 18 hours or so, the New York Times interview in which Trump rages against Jeff Sessions, Jim Comey, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and maybe the White House

Arthur Goldstein Refutes Attack on Teachers by Campbell Brown and WSJ

Arthur Goldstein teaches English language learners at Frabis Lewis High School in New York City. In this post, he refutes attacks on teachers by Campbell Brown and the Wall Street Journal. New York City has something called the Absent 

Kansas: Court Hammers State Lawyers Over Latest School Funding Plan

The great puzzle in Kansas is how the State got such a thoughtful Supreme Court, one that actually cares about education. Kansas is in a deep budget hole because Governor Sam Brownback cut taxes repeatedly, in the belief that low 

Indiana Legislators Don’t Care About Negative Results of Vouchers

Indiana finally got a research study of its voucher program, and the results were lackluster at best. The study showed that students who used vouchers saw their scores go down; after a few years, those who persisted caught up with their 

Florida: Palm Beach Post Urges School Board to Join the Lawsuit Against Horrendous HB 7069

Florida parents and educators opposed HB 7069, a bill which hurts public schools and enriches charter schools (private contractor schools), but the legislature didn’t listen. (Key legislators have financial ties to the charter industry.) They urged Governor Rick Scott to veto it but he didn’t listen. Now school boards, led by the one in Broward County, are suing to block the law and have it decla
Afghan Girls at Robotics Competition: “This Is the Way the World Should Be”

The Afghan girls’ robotics team had difficulties entering the United State (ya know, they might be terrorists) but when they finally arrived at the international competition in Washington , they stole the show. Their robot was named “Better Idea of Afghan Girls.” ““I am so happy and so tired,” Alireza Mehraban, an Afghan software engineer who is the team’s mentor, said after the competition concl
Gary Sasso: Why Don’t the Billionaires Help the Schools That Most Children Attend?

Gary Sasso, dean of education at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, asks a simple question : if billionaires like Bill Gates and Eli Broad care about our nation’s future, why don’t they help the public schools, which enroll 85% of America’s children? Sasso wrote in Salon: “Obscured by the rancor of the school reform debate is this fact: Socio-economic status is the most relevant determinant of st
A Wonderful Story to Add to Our Knowledge of African-American History

S. Allen Counter led an eventful life. He was a pathbreaking neurologist at Harvard Medical School. His life’s passion, however, was to bring deserved recognition to the life and achievements of Matthew Henson, the explorer who traveled with Admiral Robert Peary to the North Pole. “S. Allen Counter, a Harvard neurobiologist and explorer who reclaimed the reputation of Matthew A. Henson, a black e


NYC Public School Parent Translates Nicholas Kristof on Bridge International Academies

Nicholas Kristof wrote an article defending Bridge International Academies’ for-profit schools in Africa. I disagreed with him here. He responded on Twitter by saying, if you want to judge, go visit a government school. His article asserted that when government doesn’t do its job, private enterprise should step in. A reader calling him/herself “NYC Public School Parent” distilled Kristof’s argume
Steven Singer: Learn about Education by Reading Teacher-Written Blogs, Not Corporate Media

Steven Singer says that anyone in search of understanding education today should turn to teacher-written blogs, not the corporate media. The teachers know what they are talking about. The corporate media, with a few exceptions, recycles the talking points of their corporate owners. He begins by explaining that everyone has a perspective, even though they seem to be objective: “Let’s get one thing
A Letter to Secretary DeVos from a Special Normal Public School Student

Stuart Egan teaches high school in North Carolina. His son Malcolm was born with Down Syndrome. He is in third grade in public school and is thriving. Stuart helped Malcolm compose this letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos. Malcolm wonders if she cares about kids like him. The letter starts like this: “Dear Secretary DeVos, “My name is Malcolm and I just finished third-grade in the Winston-Salem/Forsy
Charter Allies Pouring Money into Cuomo Re-Election Campaign

It’s no secret that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would like to be the 2020 Democratic nominee for president. But first he must be re-elected in New York in 2018. He has already stockpiled more than $25 million, which will intimidate potential challengers. The 1% are on board with Cuomo. Read about his fundraising cocktail party in the Hamptons at a home that cost $147 million. Among his biggest
Jim Hightower: The Plutocrats’ Scheme to Eliminate Public Education

Jim Hightower pulls no punches as he eviscerates the Koch brothers, Betsy DeVos, and other plutocrats who want to privatize public education. He writes in Salon: “While the Koch brothers have stayed out of the national limelight since the White House was acquired by Trump and Company, that doesn’t mean the two right-wing billionaire brats are any less active in trying to supplant American democra
Betsy DeVos and ALEC: Perfect Together

Education Week reports that Betsy DeVos and ALEC are natural partners. U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos—an ardent school choice supporter who has turned out to be among the Trump administration’s most polarizing cabinet picks—will deliver a speech this week to members of a controversial organization that some argue is her best shot at advancing an aggressive school choice agenda. The Ameri
How to Help Arizona Ward Off Voucher Expansion

Go to SOS Arizona to learn how to volunteer to gather signatures to stop vouchers. Join the campaign here: SOS Arizona has a Facebook page: 

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