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School Choice?: Julian & Jitu vs. Petrilli & Shayne @ #EdSummit17 – Cloaking Inequity

School Choice?: Julian & Jitu vs. Petrilli & Shayne @ #EdSummit17 – Cloaking Inequity:

School Choice?: Julian & Jitu vs. Petrilli & Shayne @ #EdSummit17

Fasten your seat belts because the #TruthTrain is about to roll into A Better Chicago #EdSummit17 conversation. A Better Chicago, a foundation that seeks to “empower high performing nonprofits that are dramatically improving educational opportunities for low income Chicagoans”, is hosting a debate at its annual education summit on Thursday May 18, 2017 at Venue SIX10 610 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL. The event is invitation only.
A Better Chicago’s Education Summit convenes “Chicago’s business, civic, and academic leaders to explore how philanthropy can accelerate change and deliver a world-class education to every Chicagoan.”
The opening keynote speaker will be Wes Moore, an author, veteran, Rhodes Scholar, founder of BridgeEDU and CEO of The Robin Hood Foundation.
After the keynote, #EdSummit17 will host a Cambridge-style school choice debate at 4 pm CST.
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The debate will be moderated by Margaret “Macke” Raymond, who has served as founder and director of the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University since its inception in 1999. (Yes, that CREDO)
The debtors for and against the motion “Choice is essential to improving education in the US” are:
Julian Vasquez Heilig (against the motion) is an award-winning teacher, researcher, and blogger. He is currently a Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and the Director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State University Sacramento. He is a former charter school board member, volunteer, educator, parent and donor.
Jitu Brown (against the motion), married and father of one child, is the national director for the Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J). Jitu Brown was born on Chicago’s south side and is a product of Chicago’s public school system. Jitu started volunteering with the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO) in 1991, became a board member in 1993 and served as the Board president for a number of years. He joined the staff as education organizer in 2006. Jitu has organized in the Kenwood Oakland neighborhood for over 17 years bringing community voices to the table on school issues.
Mike Petrilli (for the motion) is president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, research fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, executive editor of Education Next, and a Distinguished Senior Fellow for Education Commission of the States.
Shayne Evans (for the motion) is a Founder and Managing Partner of The Academy Group. The Academy Group is a new enterprise designed to prepare extraordinary young people from under-resourced communities to own and operate successful companies nationwide; reduce economic disparities and; serve as a human capital engine, built on a sustainable business model, to unlock human potential at scale.
After the debate, the closing keynote speaker will be John B. King, former US Secretary of Education.
The hashtags for the event are #ABetterChicago and also #EdSummit17. We also have something very special planned during the event for social media… stay tuned.
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School Choice?: Julian & Jitu vs. Petrilli & Shayne @ #EdSummit17 – Cloaking Inequity:

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