Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday times. | Fred Klonsky

Sunday times. | Fred Klonsky:

Sunday times.

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Saturday’s climate march in Chicago.

Trump and Pence may crow about bringing back coal, but the truth is more natural. The future, which they will deny and turn away from coal and fossil fuels, and instead turn to renewables.  The cost of solar and wind will become more and more economical and scientifically worthy – two areas in which neither have any faith or comprehension.
We are jolted from one crisis to another – North Korea, Syrian blasted under Tomahawk missiles, a fence and no fence, a China enemy and then friend – we are subjects now to whims, many determined in the wee hours of the morning by a sorry child-man wandering alone in the hallways of an historical building, his children hired to help prevent his emotional outbursts from throwing us all into some disaster or, worse, a nuclear Armageddon. RESIST! John Dillon, Pension Vocabulary

When you go home, I hope you all say that your trip to the White House was something very special.  I know Melania has been working with you now for quite a while.  She is a tremendous fan of wonderful teachers. But she’s worked very hard and we’re having some special times here. This is Melania’s birthday and you were very nice to sing happy birthday, even though we’re celebrating you.

So thank you all very much and God bless you all.  And you go back and keep teaching those students because, like I said — oh, look, and you’re crying —

PARTICIPANT:  Sorry, I’m always crying!  (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT:  I know, the Oval Office can do that.  I have had some of the biggest executives in the world and they’ve been here many times.  I said, have you ever been to the Oval Office, and they said no.  I mean, I once had here like the biggest, from the biggest companies. And they walk into the Oval Office and they start crying.  I said, I promise I won’t say to your various stockholders that you cried.  (Laughter.)   But I have seen people cry Sunday times. | Fred Klonsky:

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