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HYH: Tax Credits for Dummies
I get hugely behind in my podcast listening-- I'm far better at absorbing information through my eyes than my ears, and listening to a full podcast requires a level of attentiveness that I can't always muster. That's unfortunate for me, because every time I finally get around to listening to casts, I end up wishing I'd listened sooner. Tops on my list of podcast catch-ups is Have You Heard, a cast


You order your steak dinner, and soon it arrives-- but when you cut into the steak, you discover that rather than medium rare, it is well done without a trace of pink or moisture. "Chris," you say, because your waitperson's name is Chris, "I'd like to send this back and get a steak done the way I ordered. After all, that's what I paid for." Chris replies, "No, we don't fix meals around here. We've

APR 06

Schools Are Symptoms
Schools have always been a visible symptom of whatever has ailed United States society as a whole. When we explicitly valued mostly only white men, we only educated white boys. When we were resistant to waves of immigrants, we ran parallel school systems for them. And as long as we have been mired in racism that is steeped all the way down into our systems, our schools have displayed the symptoms

APR 05

Rahm's Insane Plan
Just a reminder that it's not just Republicans who have insane ideas about education. Rahm Emanuel, former Obamabro and current mayor of at least some parts of Chicago has unleashed this genius idea, as covered by CBS today: “We live in a period of time where you earn what you learn,” Emanuel said. “The school system of K through 12 is not applicable to the world and the economy and the world that

APR 04

Scott Walker's Next Move To Crush Teachers
When it comes to a full frontal assault on public education and the people who provide it, no governor takes a back seat to Wisconsin's Scott Walker. Walker's most famous for his 2011 move to strip public unions of their power to negotiate much of anything, a move that he made one of the foundations of his failed run for President. Act 10 gave school districts the directive to unilaterally shift p

APR 03

Charterizing from Within
The next big threat to public education, the next big arm of the corporate privatizing octopus, is Competency-Based Education , formerly known as Outcome Based Education, sometimes known as Proficiency Based Learning, and often dressed up in a nice suit as Personalized Learning. Probably not going to end well It takes a whole subdivision of the public school advocacy movement to keep track of the

APR 02

MN: Vergara III: The Attack on Tenure Continues
You probably remember the Vergara lawsuit, the California suit that was intended to destroy teacher tenure. You may even remember that a sequel was filed in New York . The Vergara suit was simply beaten. The New York suit turned into a circus, starting with competition to see who could be out in front of the suit-- Campbell Brown or Mona Davids .Then Andy Cuomo floated his own plan for kicking tea
Supreme Court Rules on IEPs
The Supreme Court has ruled on the case of Endrew F. vs. Douglas County School District , a case that gave the Supremes a chance to rule on just how much education is "enough. " The case was brought by the parents of Endrew F., an autistic student whose education was, according to his parents, not nearly enough. But Douglas County Schools (Colorado) took the position that they had provided "de min
Don't They Understand...?
The attempts to do away with teacher tenure. The work to break the teacher unions, resulting in lower pay and less job protection. The initiatives for driving down teacher pensions. The legislative moves to take away sick and bereavement leave. The continued scapegoating of teachers. Lots of teachers look at all that and ask-- Don't they understand that this is making teaching less attractive? Don

ICYMI: April Is No Fool Edition (4/2)
Keep reading. Keep sharing. I keep meeting people who say things like, "Boy, I wish I could blog about this stuff, but I just don't have the time/confidence/typing skills/etc." But you can take the things that you read and which make sense to you, and you can pass them on. Share what should be shared. Spread the word. We can all do that. Here's just some of what was worth sharing this week. The Pa


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