Thursday, March 30, 2017

Opt-out of testing for better public education! - Welcome to NPE! - Network For Public Education

Welcome to NPE! - Network For Public Education:

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The Consequences of Unmonitored Charter Schools
By Jim Hall Secretary Devos stated in her Senate confirmation hearings that she supports equal transparency for all organizations receiving public education funds. The most basic transparency is a simple accounting of where educational organizations spend public dollars. This transparency is sorely lacking in many states, especially in Arizona. Arizona has the fourth largest number of charter sch

The Rise of Iowans for Public Education
The March for Iowa Teachers on the eve of the collective bargaining debate brought 5,000 to the statehouse. By Karen Nichols, founder of Iowans for Public Education While the rest of the country has had all eyes on D.C. these past few months, Iowans have been dealing with our own out-of-control legislature. The legislation comes so quickly that it’s almost impossible to organize against the onsla
Opt-out of testing for better public education!
By Monty Neil, FairTest Executive Director As federal and state-mandated tests start across the nation, hundreds of thousands of parents and students, often with teacher support, are refusing to take them. Opting out is a critical part of campaigns to end the misuse and overuse of testing and pave the way for better forms of assessment and learning. These changes require overhauling state laws an
Momma Bears – The Last Remaining Voucher Bill Stalls in Committee
Yesterday, Rep. Brooks presented his voucher bill to the House Government Operations Committee. And boy!!! Did he get worn out with questions!!! There were so many questions that time ran out before the Committee even got to vote on the bill. So, the last remaining voucher bill is now stalled in Gov. Op. 

NPE Action

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