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A Gorsuch Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students Further At Risk

A Gorsuch Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students Further At Risk:

A Gorsuch Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students Further At Risk

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Students with disabilities already face a difficult path through our nation’s education system, but President Donald Trump appears determined to add to the disadvantages these students already face. His nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is yet another sign his administration is less than eager to uphold the rights of these students.
Just how rough do these students already have it?
They score far lower on standardized achievement tests, which have become even more of an emphasis in our accountability-driven education system. They’re more than twice as likely to be suspended from school, and they’re much more apt to be bullied at school. They’re less likely to get help in schools, despite legal requirements for schools to provide a free and appropriate education. And while high school graduation rates have hit a record high of 83 percent nationally, graduation rates for these students continue to be mired below 70 percent in 33 states. In seven of those states, the rate is less than 50 percent.
With the Gorsuch nomination, Trump appears increasingly willing to respond to the real obstacles these children face by telling them, “Tough! You’re on your own.”
A vote to approve Gorsuch would be tantamount to saying the same thing.
Luke’s Case
“Gorsuch is a threat to educational equity and the fundamental rights of all Americans,” says Marge Baker, the Executive Vice President for Policy and Program at People for the American Way.
In an email statement, she points to a previous decision in 2008 in which Gorsuch rejected the opinions of lower courts that had ruled an A   Read more … Gorsuch Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students Further At Risk:

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A Gorsuch Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students Further At Risk:

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