Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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Mr Rad's Neighborhood - Linkis.com:

Hey Principals, You Are Screwing Up.


Principals: If you lose good teachers from your building at the end of this year, then you are screwing up. Principals, If people are leaving a profession that no one enters without passion, that no one enters expecting to be easy, you are not doing your job. Principals, every teacher that walks away from the kids in your your building and is thinking of your face is your fault.
It’s budget time for schools, which means the beginning of perennially awful time of year that teachers lose jobs and schools lose teachers. For whatever reason, budget time this year feels like a particularly brutal bloodbath, and it sucks.
It sucks. At a time a year when almost nothing feels like enough, we get told we’re somehow going to start getting by with less. At a time of year full of sacrifice, just rounding into the time where we start to see some our work pay off, we start to learn how different next year will be, we start to learn we won’t get to come back, or that too many other people won’t be there. It sucks.
So budgets and cuts are a thing, but not the thing I’m most worried about.  What I’m really and truly disturbed by is the wave of teachers who have had enough, with their building or their boss or with the hours or with the kids. What I’m worried about is all the teachers who leave. Except for all those who really are sick of kids (bye Felicia), we are, as schools and as a system, losing teachers we need, losing teachers that could or would be better with more or different something, and you know what?  It’s not their fault, and it matters, it matters, it really really matters when good teachers leave.
Principals (and just like I use “teachers” to mean everyone who works with kids, I’ll use “principals” Mr Rad's Neighborhood - Linkis.com:

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