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Ed Notes Online: On ESSA Rules Change: Will Opt Out Be Affected?

Ed Notes Online: On ESSA Rules Change: Will Opt Out Be Affected?:
On ESSA Rules Change: Will Opt Out Be Affected?

My initial reaction to ESSA rules changes was the less feds the better, given the past 20 years. Like, liberals supported a fed heavy hand to force states like Mississippi to do better educationally -- good luck with that. The cost to us was testing, wasteful accountability, closing schools, charters -- ed deform. I'm ready to say -- screw Mississippi. 

A couple of varying views on the new ESSA changes in the time of DeVos/Trump. 

Leonie Haimson: Why dumping the ESSA regs is not a big deal; and what is 

There has been an unnecessary amount of angst and ink spilled on the blogs and elsewhere over the fact that Congress has voted on eliminating the ESSA regulations on accountability.  It bears repeating that the law itself -- the Every Student Succeeds Act -- still exists in force and is quite prescriptive, for good or for ill only now just a little bit less so.  ..... I only wish that the accountability hawks within the DC corporate reform groups and civil rights organizations would pay as much attention to the conditions of learning as they do on testing.  By now, they should  recognize that access to high-stakes tests has never been a necessary precondition to improving schools, nor has it been helpful. 

Now many of the Inside-the-Beltway education advocacy groups protested hugely against Congress’ elimination of the ESSA regs, arguing that this somehow would lessen the need for states to try to improve struggling schools and help low-scoring kids.  If they really cared about addressing low-performance rather than merely punishing schools with opt out rates, they should have supported this additional flexibility – to ensure that those schools that really need extra help are provided with the extra support they need.
Jim Horn: What Ending Regulations on ESSA Will Mean

 there is reason to believe that that the removal of federal regulations could escalate the move to state voucher programs that hand over cheap vouchers to the poorest children to “choose” a charter school or a below-average private school.  States will be free to make it up as they along, as long as they stay true to privatization intent and methodology within ESSA.

There is also reason to believe to that the removal of federal guidance for ESSA may result in more special needs children and ELL 
Ed Notes Online: On ESSA Rules Change: Will Opt Out Be Affected?:
 Opt Out Parents Fight Feral Farina's Raging Assault on Parents
When Farina and the DOE goons act like little Trumps we must 

We know Farina has targeted schools with high opt out rates. I am suspicious that the attack on CPE 1 and its staff and parents is connected to their high opt out rate. When Farina hench people put in Monika Garg as principal one of her early acts was to try to institute test prep, eliciting a giant WTF.

This came in from from NYC Opt Out.

We are hearing from some of you that your administration is insisting parents meet with them if you are considering opting your child out of the tests. We have seen a number of these letters come through other districts in the state as well, which makes us think this is a directive from the state/city DOE (like last year). Some are quite aggressive.

Can you all please snap a photo of the one you might receive or have already received and share it here, or on FB? [Email any  photos to me at and I'll connect you.]
We have a directive for parents who are getting push back from their administration, and though the DOE FAQ states
that the principal "should offer to meet with the parent", in no way does this mean it's mandatory. Both Betty Rosa
and your Regent should be notified, as well as Tish James.

Many parents may not feel comfortable going against their principal's directive, but it is still your right to refuse 
 Opt Out Parents Fight Feral Farina's Raging Assault on Parents

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